Food business consulting and coaching

For entrepreneurs and business incubation. Building the food ecosystem and economy for people who don't have access to resources.

My personal mission is to impact people through the love of food, the art of food and the business of food. I envision an economically viable and sustainable network of diverse food businesses. I believe I can make a difference by impacting the economy through assisting, training, coaching and facilitating food business enterprise development that generates revenue, increases jobs and brings wholesome food options to the community while addressing economic disparities.

Consulting Services

I'm committed to helping restaurants get standard operating procedures—HR resources, training, financial analysis—and staffing in place.

Start up food businesses 

I can help you navigate your launch. We'll do a initial consultation to make sure we are a good fit and then set my rate based on your budget.

When you are working with me, I ALSO recommend ATTENDING MY ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING PROGRAM AT THE Neighborhood Development CenteR.